At ForzaStone, we are committed to long-term sustainability and environmental design, and strive to deliver a naturally luxurious, naturally durable, naturally green product.

Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact in every step of our process, from product development to transportation and installation. We do this by recycling wastewater, aluminum and stone scrap during production and using only low-VOC lifetime epoxy adhesives. And because ForzaStone panels are lightweight, more product can be shipped per container, reducing emissions. As ForzaStone grows, we will continue our commitment to the environment by providing innovative products and sustainable business practices.
  • Stone is one of the longest lasting and weather resistant building materials. ForzaStone does not need to be refinished, repainted or replaced like other materials, thus eliminating solvents, saving energy and reducing waste.
  • Our product is natural quarried stone that, through a patented process, is cut to a thin 5mm and reinforced with aluminum alloy and plastic composite for a total thickness of 9mm but is 800% stronger than a 3 cm thick slab. Because our product uses 75% to 83% LESS stone than regular slabs, ForzaStone extends the life of the quarry while providing a superior product.
  • We use Low-VOC epoxy adhesives to permanently bind the stone to the backer reinforcement. This is supported by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Our facilities recycle most of the wastewater in the process, recycles most of the aluminum and recycles most of the scrap stone and dust into the epoxy's and fillers used for production.